Why Riga & Latvia ?

As an easily accessible meeting point in Northern Europe, Riga offers a full range of conference facilities, high quality hotels and venues for special theme events - many within walking distance of the city centre and Old Town.

You can find large halls suitable for major international conferences, smaller venues for seminars and discreet meeting-places for sensitive business negotiations. Full technical and logistical support is available including audiovisual appliances, catering, and translation services. Well-educated and friendly staff ensure an environment conducive to the full range of business activities.

Riga can also host international trade fairs with ease. More than 50 different business exhibitions take place in the Latvian capital every year, gathering around 7,000 exhibitors and close to a million attendants.

Riga has been the destination for numerous notable international events including a NATO Summit, the World Ice Hockey Championship, Eurovision, Latvia Presidency of the Council of the European Union and many international conferences.

Riga - the Right Size!

The right size and location

  • Riga is very compact, key venues are within walking distance in the centre
  • 9 km from the airport to the city centre
  • Key to the Baltic market of 7.5 million people
  • Meeting point between North - South and East - West

The right reach and access

  • Direct flights from more than 80+ destinations
  • Sea port with ferry traffic from Scandinavia and Germany
  • Convenient train and bus connections from Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

The right rooms and venues

  • Historical and modern event venues with the latest technology
  • Largest convention hotel in the Baltics
  • Largest exhibition centre in the Baltics
  • Unusual accommodation in castles, manors and historical buildings

The right price and value

  • Affordable & great value for money
  • Surprisingly high quality for reasonable money
  • Eat and drink like a king or queen for a citizen's price
  • Endless shopping opportunities with friendly prices

The right relaxation and recreation

  • No capital in Europe has a historical SPA town so close
  • Next to possibly the best white, sandy beaches in Northern Europe
  • Several golf courses in the city
  • Activities from vertical wind tunnel to bobsleigh fun run

The right architecture and planning

  • No capital in the world has as much Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture as Riga
  • Charming old town and city centre on the UNESCO World Heritage list
  • Highest percentage of wooden architecture of any European capital

The right music and sounds

  • World-class Opera and ballet
  • Birthplace of Mihail Baryshnikov and Mariss Jansons
  • Dinners on the Opera stage possible

The right food and drinks

  • Largest food market in Europe
  • Tempting cafes & restaurants
  • Modern & contemporary Latvian cuisine
  • Diverse gourmet restaurants

The right Christmas and

  • Birthplace of the first decorate Christmas Tree City
  • Christmas tree decoration tradition started in Riga in 1510
  • Traditional Christmas markets
  • Europe's Christmas shopping destination