Klaipeda (ex. Memel)

Klaipeda - a new destination to consider!

There is new flight connection between Bergen & Oslo to the 3rd. biggest city of Lithuania - Klaipeda, operated by the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle: 

  • Palanga (PLQ) to Oslo (OSL), Norway & Palanga (PLQ) to Bergen (BGO), Norway.
  • Kaunas (KUN) to Oslo (OSL). Two weekly departures on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Start April 1st, 2020.

Norwegian's launch new routes from Lithuania also to Sweden: 

  • Palanga (PLQ) to Stockholm (ARN). Two weekly departures on Thursdays and Sundays. Start April 2nd, 2020.

City break & Tours



Klaipeda & Curonian Spit (incl. in UNESCO World Heritage List)

Formerly known as Memel, Klaipeda is a unique historic city - with roots stretching all the way back to the reign of German knights. It's a glorious and royal city too, as Klaipeda was once the capital of the Prussian Kingdom. Today, Klaipeda is a modern city, known for its creative, innovative design and archi¬tecture and, even more, for its friendly and welcoming people. This relatively small town is well known for its grand annual festivals, such as Jazz festival and Sea festival. The cultural scene offers everything from world known music concerts to sizzling jazz clubs, bars, museums and galleries.

Curonian Spit. The southern stretch of Lithuania's Baltic Sea coastline is a narrow, long-running sandbar, the Curonian Spit, which extends some 60km south of the town of Klaipeda all the way to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. It's a lonely, lovely strip of land topped by dunes and pines and tiny, charming villages, like Nida at the southern end. In summer, the beaches come alive with merrymakers. Other times, an end-of-the-world feel returns. German writer Thomas Mann was so smitten he kept a cottage here.

A tour to Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit

Klaipeda tour, Duration: 2.5 hours

Klaipeda is the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania, an important port and Lithuania's only gateway to the Baltic Sea. The city has a long history starting as a fishing village of ancient Balts and experiencing the arrival of German Crusaders in the 13th century. The Crusaders built their castle there in 1252 and formed the city, in former times known as Memel. During the city tour you will see the old Castle territory and the Old Town with the fascinating merchants warehouses in the typical German style with "fachwerk" (half timbered) decorations. The tour will take you to the Theatre Square with the Simon Dach fountain, which is named after the 17th century German poet, born in Klaipeda. The fountain portrays a statue of a girl named Annehen von Tharau, who is the subject of a famous German wedding and love song.

Tour to Curonian Spit , Duration: full day

It' s a day tour to Curonian Spit.The Curonian Spit (Kursiu Nerija), created by the winds and waters of the Baltic Sea more than 5000 years ago, is a natural miracle. The spit is almost 100 kilometers long and its width varies from 380 meters to 3,800 meters. The largest of the dunes are Sklandytoju, the Angiai Hill, the Parnidis Dune and Urbas Hill, which is up to 1000 m high. Until the 15th century the spit was covered by forests. Later, large trees were cut down and this led to severe sand shifting. The moving sands swallowed up 14 villages. The spit is so fascinating, romantic and original that it often seems unreal. The sands of its hills and dunes glitter like gold between the blue sea and the turquoise lagoon and amidst the dark green woods and mountain pines. Since 2000 the Curonian Spit together with a part of the Kaliningrad Region has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the tour you will visit the sand dunes and the fishermen's villages Juodkrante and Nida.

Suggested visits in Nida village:

· Amber Gallery-Museum that holds exhibition of different kind of amber and its host can tell you about the formation process of amber.

· The cultural centre of Thomas Mann, the famous German writer who loved to spend his summers in Nida village by the Curonian lagoon.

Also we invite you to visit dolphins in the dolphinarium and see their performance ! The Greeks called dolphins a "sacred fish"! Great event during your stay !


Special offer / City break & conference

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